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GSR2 and Relax Trace Software

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GSR2 and new Vista GSR2 Computer Software

The GSR2 is a small, hand-held, self-contained, battery operated GSR 2, with the finger grooves, is a Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) monitoring device for home biofeedback. The GSR reflects sweat gland activity and is commonly used to teach stress reduction and management. It provides an audio tone which changes pitch with change in stress response activity.

View your changing levels of relaxation on-screen and by changing volume of any CD or audio file. Simple to install and use, the system comes with 15 free trials for stress free evaluation.

Requires the GSR2 and computer cable (CalmLink connector wire).

For Windows Vista and XP. Intel Core Duo and equivalent computers.

Pricing Details:

  1. "Includes Cable plus key code". Everything you need to plug your GSR2 into the computer. Includes cable + activation code for downloaded software.
To unlock and activate the software, send BeyondVR your site code, MID, and serial# to

BeyondVR will send back an activation code. KEEP YOUR SERIAL# AND ACTIVATION CODE ON FILE.

* GSR2 is a Registered Trademark of Thought Technology Ltd.

The license can be transferred to a different computer by using the "change license" program on the computer with the software already installed. Install the software on the desired computer and get the new site code. Put the current activation code and the new site code in the "change license" program and a new activation code will be generated.


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