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Access to Blissful Awareness
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute presentation by John Lowan.

This presentation will discuss prelminary research demonstrating greatly expanded access to a profound deep and beneficial state of consciousness. This state is rare and has previously been achieved only by a very dedicated few. The breakthrough is accomplished with a specific guided meditation that allows access to early personal experience in the womb. This approach is perceived as "natural" and appears to circumvent the concerns, fears, and blocks that almost always impede progress into the deepest states of meditation. The foundation for this work is the extensive EEG research of Anna Wise into consciousness and John Lowan's 40 years of intensive meditational practice and teaching. Anna Wise's many years of observing EEG patterns have linked verbal guided meditation instructions with access to specific brainwave frequencies. In this new meditation a deep state with reduced beta and expanded alpha, theta and delta, is created using specific language, binaural sound and a background of recorded womb sounds, which opens the subject to early experience. During the last stage of the process, beta (rational) is reintroduced to make a conscious link through the expanded alpha (sensory) bridge to theta (visionary, creative) and delta (intuitive, transpersonal) states. This tends to create the EEG patters described by Anna Wise as the Awakened or Evolved Mind (Refer to "Awakening the Mind" for a full description of this protocol). The subjective descriptions that this meditation achieves fall predominately into category 6, the deepest state on the Wise "Subjective Landmark Scale", which normally requires considerable brainwave training or meditation to accomplish. There is a remarkable similarity between subjects' reports of their experience of this meditation and the classical descriptions of Safori, Enlightenment, Awakening, etc. The meditation has so far proven effective for a range of people-from advanced meditation teachers to people with no meditation experience. Subjects generally have a very positive experience during this process and discover with repeated exposure, that the very comfortable and safe space allows spontaneous realizations and the release of buried and traumatic memories, providing remarkable healing. People hve reported feeling more present, relaxed, having more zest and needing less sleep. Some have reported an increased internal experience of feeling loved, improved self-esteem, more understanding and compassion for others, improved relationships and reduced compulsive behaviors. The results of our study of this new approach have been both positive and dramatic. Further research is in progress and if that confirms these findings, then our project would shift towards making this work widely available. Blissful awareness, profound healing and optimal functioning could provide a significant benefit to large numbers of people.


Author: John Lowan

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