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(AE-W2-003) Permalink    CD, DVD,MP3 Story Art and Science: 
Archetype and Metaphor; the Secret Language of Stories & the Human Mind
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Futurehealth StoryCon 2 hour workshop presentation by James Bonnet.
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Metaphor is the symbolic language of story. In this workshop, James Bonnet will decipher the metaphors found in great stories and the psychological archetypes they reveal. These archetypes, patterns of action and cycles of transformation are the same archetypes, patterns and cycles which run through every individual and every group, and are being played out in all of life's important stages. The secrets of great stories, it turns out, are the secrets of the human mind and the study of story is the study of this remarkable phenomenon. Every great story reveals some small piece of that magnificent mystery. With this new deeper understanding of story, there will be no limit to the power and art that can be created through your work.

Bonnet will also demonstrate why a knowledge of story and the act of storymaking are essential links in a creative process that can reconnect us to our lost or forgotten inner selves and why a vast, unrealized potential exists within us which a knowledge of story and storymaking can help to make real.


Author: James Bonnet

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