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BCIAC, BCIA-EEG, ECNS-QEEG Tools, Gears and Paraphernalia in QEEG
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop by KH Wong.

This workshop focuses on practical skills training, especially (Part I) for practitioners just beginning to or planning to conduct quantitative EEG independently and/or (Part II) for those who would like first-hand experience using a database, from setting up the hardware, running the software, hooking up electrodes, collecting data, to making sense of the data with or without a reference/normative database.

Part I

1. Electrodes placement with and without cap
2. Placement/monitoring of artifact electrodes and artifact channels

3. QEEG instrumentation

4. QEEG data collection

Part II
5. QEEG data editing practice and issues

6. Mapping without reference database

7. Choosing a normative database

8. Database interpretation

9. Multiple databases: Issues and implications

10. Case interpretation and protocol design


MP3 (2 hours)   $25.00
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