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CARE in the Real World: Outcomes From Using NeuroCARE Across the Range
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Futurehealth Panel/Paper This panel will present and discuss the use of NeuroCARE across the range of situations in which neurofeedback training has been used.
The CARE approach to neurofeedback remains unique. Approaching the task of neurofeedback as a form of ?cross aerobic? training for the CNS, it is based on a fundamental understanding of how to promote both resilience and flexibility, while minimizing turbulence and instability. The name means Comprehensive, Adaptive Renormalization of EEG? and indicates that there is a single, fundamental training paradigm that is used regardless of presenting complaint, context or reason for training to be done. The CARE approach is diagnostically agnostic and does not use ?site shifting? or mapping procedures to guide its use of neurofeedback training. Nor does it utilize any form of decision tree or symptom-based triage procedures to modify its approach. Instead it relies upon a dynamical matrix of 16 real-time targets the continually adapt to the changing dynamical response of the CNS during the actual training. This allows for a vastly simplified user interface ? the trainer only needs to modify a single ?Difficulty? factor as training proceeds ? it also allows for completely novel training uses, including true, interpersonal, group-based neurofeedback. This panel will present the work of a number of trainers who are using the CARE? approach in their practices and other applied settings. QEEG-based results will be presented along with other datasets, including graphical displays of applied joint time-frequency analyses. Some areas of application that will be covered include:

Chronic Pain
Sleep Renormalization
Optimal Flow and Function
Depression and Anxiety
ADD and Related Performance Issues
Spiritual Transformation
Energetic Healing
Trauma Response
Recovery from addictive process
Cross-person, group-based neurofeedback


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