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Coaching Clients to Gain Confidence and Live Confidently in an Intimidating Unfriendly World
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Zinsser, Nate. Futurehealth Workshop
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Author: Nathaniel Zinsser

Nate Zinsser is currently the Director of the Performance Enhancement Program at the United States Military Academy’s Center for Enhanced Performance. He earned his PhD in sport psychology at the University of Virginia and has since become an AAASP Certified Consultant and member of the US Olympic Committee’s Sport Psychology Registry. Dr Zinsser also provides sport psychology training for the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL, athletes in the US Army’s World Class Athlete Program, and has conducted workshops in performance enhancement for neurosurgeons, musicians and management teams. He is the author of Dear Dr Psych, a sport psychology guidebook for youth sport athletes which won an American Library Association award, five textbook chapters on cognitive techniques for enhancing confidence, and numerous articles on applied sport psychology in trade publications.

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