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Cycles, Spirals, and Resonances: The Reflection of Human Behavior in Neocortical Dynamics
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Soutar, Richard. Futurehealth Workshop
  • neurofeedback
picture is emerging from the research of Richard Davidson, Paul Ekman, Daniel Goleman, Joseph Le Doux, and Jeffrey Schwartz which mirrors and supports the work of ancient navigators of consciousness. As a modern culture we are beginning to develop a scientific language that explains the experiences and teaching of these traditional modes of human transformation and transcendence. Some of the new research suggests new ways of understanding and framing human suffering and how to deal with it utilizing modern scientific technological tools, especially when it is integrated with Beck’s cognitive theories, Berger and Luckman’s “social construction of reality” theories, and Goffman’s dramaturgical analysis. Neurofeedback provides a precision instrument for operationalizing, measuring and deploying this new understanding when used in conjunction with an experiential insight of the ancient principles. The implication of application of this approach for clinical purposes is profound and already being documented in research centers such as UCLA as well as in private clinics around the country. Reviewing recent research in neuropsychology, psychology, and sociology as well as ancient sources such as Patanjali, Plotinus, and the Dhammapada these principles will be elucidated and integrated with neurofeedback technology and then explicated through case studies.


1. Chaos, Periodicity, and Geometric Solutions

2. Consciousness engages the brain and mind emerges.

3. The Spiral Pattern of Engagement

4. The Periodicity of Engagement

5. Energizing the Cycles with Consciousness Through Attentional Networks

6. Attachment, Cycle Intensity, and Bondage/Suffering- Karma

7. Conditioning and Extinction in the Amygdala and Associated Neural Networks

8. Latency Periods and Shifting to Alter Periods (attractor states)


Author: Richard Soutar

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