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How Can Non-localized Neurofeedback Training Work Without Being "Global"?
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute presentation by Valdeane Brown. Elegant training relies on the intrinsic self-organizing nature of both consciousness and the central nervous system. This presentation will explore these ideas and describe the overall framework of awakening bodhicitta and non-duality based psychology within which neurofeedback training finds a real foundation.

There is as amazing diversity of models concerning how and why neurofeedback training works. Some models are very localized and are closely tied to considerations of the underlying neuroanatomical structure of the CNS. Some are based on the idea that certain centers or particular sites within the brain need very specific inputs to address problematic activity at that particular location, while others postulate that specific neuropsychological functions are optimally  (or ONLY)  addressed by particular, spatially localized interventions. On the other end of the spectrum are approaches that are global. Some of these are based on theories involving shifting coherence measures or inducing modulations in connectivity patterns, whereas others have very different organizational principles. Some approaches seem to 'bypass' this dichotomy and simply juxtapose various technologies until an observable training response occurs. One doesn't need to accept only one end of that spectrum; however, as it is entirely possible to embrace the entire field within a single, overarching, comprehensive and adaptive approach to training. This presentation will discuss how CARE was developed in order to integrate the diaspora of all of the other approaches, and to do so in a thoroughly consistent and elegant approach to neurofeedback training. Elegant traiing relies on the intrinsic self-organinzing nature of both consciousness and the central nervous system  this presentation will explore these ideas and describe the overall framework, including measurement technologies that can be used to document many aspects of the changes brought about by neurofeedback training done in this way, as well as in most others.


Author: Valdeane Brown

Dr. Valdeane W. Brown is an internationally recognized "trainer of trainers", who teaches and consults widely on personal and organizational transformation and computer systems. With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a background in math, physics, computer programming, philosophy, yoga, meditation and martial arts, Dr. Brown brings a presence and precision to his work, informed by a deep sense of compassion, a profound facility with energy dynamics and commitment to revealing the elegant simplicity inherent in learning and transformation. Developer of the Five Phase Model and co-creator with his wife Sue of the Period 3 Approach to Clinical Neurofeedback, Dr. Brown has realized his vision of a truly comprehensive training system in NeuroCARE Pro©, which he personally designed and implemented, meticulously integrating it with Sue’s practical wisdom and experience. Dr. Brown provides comprehensive training, consultation and supervision to fellow professionals and healers as well as his clients, and is frequently called upon by colleagues to assist in resolving difficult clinical situations. His vision in bringing NeuroCARE Pro® to the world is to make personal transformation effortless and available to all.

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