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How to Market & Deliver Neurofeedback Services to Schools
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour presentation by Julian Isaacs. Particular emphasis will be placed on methods of selecting nf training protocols which are safe and effective to use on children who have not received a qEEG.

Techniques from the effective utilization of typical existing psychoeducational evaluation data will be outlined. Important safety, legal and ethical issues will be addressed and the adaptation of existing nf techniques and practices to the school environment will be covered in detail.

Three objectives: (1) Participants will learn to assess the suitability of candidate children in the school system for neurofeedback training; (2) Participants will learn how to correctly utilize school-based evaluations of children and integrate their findings with other specialized psychometric and other assessment instruments for evaluation nf candidates prior to and after nf treatment; and (3) Participants will learn how to develop safe and effective nf training protocols for use with children who have not had a qEEG performed. This will include the use of relatively low cost EEG equipment for the assessment of EEG status pre-treatment.



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