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Futurehealth Plenary Talk by Kirby Seid. Join us for an exciting discussion introducing The Light Labyrinth Project, an exploration into three vectors of consciousness: the mineral kingdom through ancient quartz crystals, the consciousness of light and color and the expansion of human consciousness through shamanic journeying. We will discuss how crystals, minerals, hypnotic flickering light and sound have been used throughout history to access shamanic healing.

The Light Labyrinth's carefully selected meditation programs are a combination of strobe and stunning color effects projected through the heart of a fine quartz crystal. The programs are designed to produce various brainwave states that allow the viewer to break out of normal consciousness. Among those working with The Light Labyrinth are workshop leaders, hypnotherapists, scientists, musicians, artists, spiritual practitioners and shamanic teachers and healers. People around the world are currently using this technology to access profound meditation, enhanced group connection and accelerated learning/healing states.


Kirby Seid has traveled the world for crystals, fossils and ancient artifacts with his mineral business, has taught workshops and designed tools for spiritual practices for the past 25 years. Kirby has a B.A. degree in psychology from UC Santa Cruz and teaches Light Labyrinth workshops across the US and leads seminars at Omega Institute in New York. He has been developing the Light Labyrinth Project in collaboration with artists and scientists who have worked with the Exploritorium in San Francisco and Apple Computers.

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