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Medical Considerations for Neurofeedback Providers
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop presentation by Ed Castro. A discussion of alternative medicine modalities used to remediate a variety of brain dysfunctions.
Dr. Castro will discuss alternative medicine modalities, outlined inhis plenary, that are used to remediate a variety of brain dysfunctions. Included in the discussion will be information about the current clincial experience with various modalities, an approach for selecting treatments and for evaluating their practitioners, a summary of usual treatment regimens, and information about finding providers of these treatments. Dr. Castro will also cover the evaluation and treatment of the yeast overgrowth syndromes. These problems are rampant thought often untreated or under treated, and can cause of exacerbate a host of neurobehavioural problems. Many cases can be recognized and corrected with intelligent, non-pharmaceutical intervention. Dr. Castro will present a safe, comprehensive approach to its treatment.


Author: Ed Castro

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