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Moving from Technician to Healer: Incorporating Energy healing Wisdom into a Neurofeedback Practice
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Brown, Susan Cheshire. Futurehealth Workshop by Susan Cheshire Brown

This workshop is an introduction to the world of Energy Healing and will appeal to those practitioners curious about an energy practice and its possible application to their clinical practice. It is based predominantly on a developing overarching model of healing arising from the broad personal experience of the presenter, a seasoned clinician and neurofeedback practitioner. Healers work with many different energies and in many different ways, and frequently find it constraining to learn skills from one whose strengths differ from theirs.

This workshop is designed to help the participant integrate and develop crucial healing concepts as rapidly as possible without resort to cryptic and paraochial models of healing that may or may not fit the way their energy systems work. Participants will be introducted to some beginning tools to assist them in stepping on the path to perceiving their own and others' energy fields, and using this knowledge to empower and optimize the healing process. Instruction will be given in grounding the energy field and in the setting of intention. Description of the healing energies most commonly utilized b healers will be be offered together with techniques to further prepare the energy field for healing.

The workshop is experiential and will hopefully culminate in participants both giving and receiving a healing, should they wish to do so. The workshop will address such questions as: What is Energy healing? What are the crucial characteristics of an effective healer? What are the crucial ingredients of an effective healing? How can I begin to sense the energy field of another person? What can I do to speed up my ability to perceive subtle energies? What can I immediately do to optimize healing for my clients? How can I manage my own energy system for healing and wellness? While geared towards the curious beginner, more experienced healers are most welcome to contribute their energetic support and possible feedback to the activities. The only requirement for participation is positive intention and an open mind.


Author: Susan Brown

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