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Neurofeedback as Self-Awareness/Self Regulation Training:Getting Away from the Illness Treatment Model
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Futurehealth Workshop by John Anderson
The field of neurofeedback is experiencing great pressure to adopt a "medical model" approach to neurofeedback, both to gain credibility within the broader medical and psychological communities and to establish neurofeedback as a "scientific" discipline. However, the medical model as it is currently practiced is more like the proverbial sinking ship than it is a desirable platform from which to launch a radically new approach to optimum performance for all. The general population is facitly rejecting this model by moving into novel and often quite unique relationships with a variety of newly defined health care practitioners. Thos practitioners who are willing to participate in an egalitarian, collaborative relationship with their clients will help create an entirely new paradigm of health promotion and wellness training that no longer relies upon the old doctor / patient ideals. This workshop will describe the current state of the medical model as it is practiced in medicine, psychiatry and psychology. We will then explore an evolutionary vision for a new approach that more accurately encompasses the possibilities inherent in an emerging discipline that includes not only neurofeedback, but also AVE, CES, HEG, TMS and more. This field is much too revolutionary to be constrained by outdated forms. We have the opportunity to move beyond these limitations to more effectively benefit our clients and ourselves.


Author: John Anderson

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