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Real Time QEEG Imaging During the Actual Training Session; What the Brain Does During NFB
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Hudspeth, Bill & Ibric, Victoria. Futurehealth Workshop
This study shows how full qEEG recordings change over the course of a neurofeedback session (i.e., before, during & after). to provide clear information about what happens to brain connectivity during NF training. This case is based on an extensive and stable series of 7 EEG recordings obtained over a 2 year period. Inter-laboratory reliabilities were very high, ranging between 77% to 95%.

Real-time EEG recordings were obtained before, during and after neurofeedback training. A newly developed high-resolution connectivity panel was used to characterize and compare all of the available qEEG datasets. EEGs obtained during neurofeedback had the fewest significant coherence deviations. There was a post-training rebound in which the coherence deviations returned to baseline levels and topographic distributions.
These findings show that dynamic changes in the qEEG provide an excellent description for EEG brain states during neurofeedback. The tools allow the clinician to determine whether a neurofeedback session did or did not improve brain function, according to normative standards. In addition, post-training qEEG findings provide critical answers about the persistence and permanence of entrained brain states. This approach can provide requisite data needed to normalize qEEG profiles by means of operant conditioning.


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