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The Enduring Impact of Attachment Trauma on the Developing Right Brain: Disorders of Self-Regulation
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Futurehealth Workshop by Allan Schore

In this workshop Dr. Schore will present clinical applications of regulation theory derived from his other new volume, Affect Dysregulation and Disorders of the Self (W.W. Norton). He will discuss the negative impact of traumatic attachments on brain development, the neurobiology of infant trauma, the neuropsychology of a disorganized / disoriented attachment pattern associated with abuse and neglect, and the links between trauma-induced enduring impairments of right brain functions. fMRI and PET studies of right brain disturbances in various self-regulation pathologies, attachment dysfunctions, and psychiatric disorders (PTSD, borderline and antisocial personality disorders, addictions etc.), as well as of metabolic changes in right brain function as a result of psychotherapy will also be presented.


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