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The Freeze Frame: A Stress Management and Performance Enhancement System
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Futurehealth Workshop by Rollin McCraty

This workshop will cover the background, purpose and uses of a new approach to stress management and performance enhancement training that has broad-based applications in schools, blood pressure control and other health-related areas, sports performance and workplace stress reduction. This computer-based training and heart rhythm education system includes instruction in the Freeze-Frame and Heart Lock-In techniques, which are particularly effective in increasing heart rhythm coherence, improving autonomic balance, and enhancing emotional stability and cognitive performance. The Freeze-Framer can also be used to monitor the effects of techniques such as meditation, controlled breathing and other interventions believed to affect autonomic nervous system activity.

The Freeze-Framer is a convenient and accurate device that monitors and displays clientsí heart rate variability in real time as they practice the stress management techniques taught in the on-line menus and books included with the system. It plots changes in heart rate on a beat-to-beat basis and analyzes the heart rhythm patterns for coherence. Coherence reflects autonomic nervous system balance, heart-brain synchronization and entrainment of the bodyís major oscillatory systems. The output of the coherence algorithm is used to control three enjoyable games that are designed to reinforce emotional self-regulation skills.

A small finger sensor detects each pulse and the time interval between consecutive heartbeats is computed. The changing beat-to-beat heart rate is then displayed on the computer screen. In general, a smoother or more sine-wave-like heart rhythm pattern indicates a more balanced autonomic nervous system, increased parasympathetic activity and a higher ratio of physiological entrainment. The ratio of entrainment is calculated and fed back to the user as an accumulated score or success in playing one of three games. The three on-screen games are: (1) The hot air balloon game, in which the degree of heart rhythm coherence controls how high the balloon flies. There are obstacles that must be cleared as the user travels through a moving landscape. When the heart rhythm coherence is too low, the balloon returns to the ground and stops the landscape from moving. (2) The rainbow game, in which the userís level of coherence controls the development of a rainbow that gradually grows until it reaches a pot of gold, which starts to fill and then overflow with gold coins. At the end of this game a score is calculated indicating how much has been accumulated. (3) The meadow game, in which sustained heart rhythm coherence gradually transforms a dry, black-and-white nature scene into a beautiful landscape filled with color, running water and gentle animals.

Several examples will be presented showing how the Freeze-Framer has been used in diverse settings to decrease stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue, promote improved academic and work performance, lower blood pressure and facilitate health improvements in numerous clinical disorders.


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