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The Photonic Stimulator as an Adjunct to Neurofeedback
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Futurehealth Workshop by Len Ochs
The Photonic Stimulator is an infrared light that reduces pain, promotes tissue growth, and reduces sympathetic nervous system activity. As an adjunct to neurofeedback is provides palliative support by reducing pain that barrages the central nervous system and disorganizes the brain's ability to accurately map and characterize afferent somatic impulses. It reduces anxiety and irritability indirectly by reducing pain. It raises the tic and seizure thresholds by blocking sympathetic afferents, thereby synchronizing the EEG. Practically, it provides enormous relief through pain and anxiety reduction, supports concentration and attention, and reduces ritualistic compulsive associated with chronic pain. This workshop provides an overview of the great variety of photonic stimulators, laser and otherwise, as well as an introduction to how they work.


Author: Len Ochs

Len Ochs is a psychologist in private practice, having done biofeedback since 1975 and psychotherapy since 1966. He is considered one of the pioneers in biofeedback especially in the area of instrumentation development.

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