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Trans-cranial Direct Current Stimulation (TCDC): a old new tool for modifying brain function
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by Jay Gunkelman. TCDC is a technique that has been known for many decades, but has only recently begun to have clinical application interest. The ability to excite or suppress function locally is easily accomplished, though there are technical details that are critically important.
The selection of the anode or cathode are not the only choices. The strength of the current, the duration and frequency of the sessions, the location of the stimulatory and inhibitory effects, and the electrode materials all make significant changes in the effect and side-effect of this intervention.

Literature will be reviewed for slow cortical potentials, and the difference between endogenous polarity and TCDC stimulation polarity will be discussed.


Author: Jay Gunkelman

Starting in 1972 with the first State Hospital based biofeedback laboratory, and then specializing in EEG for decades, Jay is an experienced Clinical and research EEG/qEEG specialist and consultant. Author of many scientific papers, and a mounting list of books, his depth of understanding of the mind/brain's function is helpful in communicating the underlying mechanisms and systems of the brain, mind, and consciousness. Jay is a popular lecturer world-wide, and he has occupied leadership positions in the field's professional societies. Now with Q-Pro, an international EEG/qEEG services group, he provides services world-wide.

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