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Transcendental Consciousness
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Futurehealth Plenary by Hebert Russell

Main Points for thirty minute talk

1) Presentation of Unified Field Chart used in all of Maharishi’s Consciousness-based educational programs. Paralleling unified field of physics and meditation (Illustration 1)

2) Macroscopic quantum coherence in nature “Reflections of the unified field” showing broad scale unified phase-locked interconnectedness.. Characteristics of global coherence in lasers and superconductors (Illustration 2,3) Quantum coherence in biological systems (quote from Satinover).

3) Consciousness behaves as a field (quote from E. Roy John) based on phase-locked events. Are these events reflections of the unified field? There has been reluctance because consciousness has been looked at using eyes closed as the ground state.

4) Ground state, excited states in the brain: The ground state of the consciousness field in the brain Roy’s definition- under eyes closed awake conditions- common mode resonance all frequencies, between .45 and .60..The reason that the CMR values do not reach mathematical unity or ONE is there is cognitive activity present in eyes closed conditions. (show power spectra, attenuation of alpha, VARETA article, Illustration 4)

5) In TM research the characteristics show a better reflection of broad scale cortical coherence and interconnectedness. The reason is that there is no cognitive activity in transcending.

6) TM Research:
Coherence spectral arrays (illustration 5, Levine)

Episodic coherence during tc (Illustration 6, Farrow)
Hypersynchrony in theta and alpha (Illustration 7 Lehmann) Coherence QEEG comparisons (Illustration 8, Hudspeth database) Phase QEEG comparisons (Illustration 10, Hudspeth Lifespan database) Broad-scale alpha-theta database comparisons.(Illustration 11, Sterman database) 7) Functional connectivity: Recent indications that lower cortical interconnectedness (lower values of Global Field Synchronization) at specific frequencies s related to mental disorders. (Quote from Koenig) (Illustration of GFS, 12).

8) Inducing high levels of GFS in the “ground state” may improve mental health.

9) Capturing wholeness: how to induce quantum-like functioning? Lower activity (temp) or stimulate through quantum jiggling. Bottom-up or top-down TM definition, lowest level of activity yet conscious (Graphic of waves during TM, Illustration 13)

10) Referencing the unified field: self referral nature of consciousness. Functional connectivity (high). Is the theta-alpha synchronization a mechanism for restoring cortical interconnectedness?

11) Implications: a method of restoring normal connectiveness in self-referral consciousness, improving mental health. Enlivening total brain function vs partial brain functioning for enhancing alertness and memory. Self interacting dynamics of consciousness brings self repair and homeostasis for health. In his book "The Mystery of the Mind" (Princeton University Press, 1975),Dr. Wilder Penfield explores the quandary of the mind/brain question... this is one of life's most intriguing questions. These two inter-related systemsare the basis of most of the Neurofeedback interventions. In phenomena like Intention, Attention and Motivation, the Mind's function is seen, with the Brain's function being regulated by the more primary function of the mind.How does the mind control the brain? Is "attention" even present in the EEG's A.C signal?... or is it a D.C. related system? Can you measure intention without a response?? Can the D.C. system be trained to turn on or off the brain's A.C. system? In this talk I will attempt to answer these questions, and to link the cupuncture points, meridian system, the body and brain's direct current (D.C.) system and the brain's EEG (A.C.) function... as well as the conceptsof slow cortical potential training for epilepsy and the cortical distribution of evoked potential data. These topics will be discussed, with a model of mind/brain ing proposed...with data being presented to tie all this to actual brain electrical signal processing.


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