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$229 Biofeedback Computer Biofeedback System CAB2

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A complete biofeedback EMG and Thermal computer system including the computer. All you need to add is the monitor. Systems are tested used systems
  • EMG and Temperature Biofeedback
  • Full or split screen displays
  • Session Stats and report generation
  • flexible threshold and gain controls
  • smart audio feedback
Split screen view display option and a commodore 64C with the software cartridge plugged in and the instrument box with leads displayed.

The CAB-2 is a very sturdy, easy to learn and use biofeedback system that provides color visual feedback, audio feedback thresholding, stats, reports and printouts (add a printer that you source or we have a few used ones in stock for $75)

Our systems are used and have been tested to be sure they're working well. They use a commodore 64 or 64C computer. The software is on a cartridge, so there's no need for a disk drive. From flipping the switch to running a session, it takes less time than it takes using the latest quad core Intel chip. Screens are simple. The Software's extremely easy to learn to use.

At $229, these are an incredible bargain. They sold new for $3000. You get the complete system except for a color monitor. You can purchase a Commodore 1702 or 1802 monitor on ebay for about $40-$60 or use any other color TV with RCA inputs.

limited supply available.

Bar graph Display of EMG and Thermal

Full Screen EMG biofeedback Display. Height and color change with EMG level changes

Session Statistical Analysis

Session review, post session.



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