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The Ripple Effect
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Futurehealth WinterBrain 2 hour workshop presentation by Mary Jo Sabo and Linda Vergara. An in depth discussion of Brainwave biofeedback training in a public school.

An in depth discussion of Brainwave biofeedback training in a public school by thepeople whocreated the Yonkers' Enrico Fermi School Biofeedback program. If you are interested in getting into the school system this is a great resource in which the main people who started this program generously share their experience.

DESCRIPTION: For over three years, MaryJo Sabo, Linda Vergaraand the Biofeedback Consultants Inc. team have developed and expanded a research-oriented EEG Brain Wave Biofeedback Program in a public urban school. The Program, referred to as The Ripple Effect, explores the Theta/Beta Ratio and currently trains over 30 students. This workshop will focus on how the Program began, initial challenges, funding, methodology, data collection and analysis, including immediate and long-term outcomes. Also discussed will be how the program blends with the public school system's existing special education procedures. Group and case studies will be explored.


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