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Buying a System if you're buying a system, you'll want to check out a number of our pages, starting with Site Map where there are easy links to the most popular biofeedback and neurofeedback systems, and the most popular pages on our 300+ page website.

But first, consider this. Most of our competitors are sales organizations alone.  If you call for help, you speak to a sales rep.

Here at Futurehealth, you can speak to a seasoned biofeedback practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the field.

We have an office staff team who can answer your basic and logistical questions, but if you are a practitioner getting started in neurofeedback or an adult seeking personal home training biofeedback or a parent seeking neurofeedback for your child, you have the opportunity to speak with Rob Kall, who has worked with biofeedback clients for over 30 years, presented research, lectured at national meetings, taught biofeedback, runs the world's largest neurofeedback meeting and who, as a volunteer, is the public information officer for the largest non-profit biofeedback association. If you need a referral in Siberia, the Australian outback, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, UAE, Europe Japan or Asia, Rob can find you someone, often someone he knows personally

You probably found Futurehealth because it is the most visited (according to  biofeedback / neurofeedback  website on the planet (out of close to 500,000 listed on google,) not including our satellite sites, , and more.  We're the most visited because of the free information we provide. We can provide all this information because of customer support. WE average over 1500 visitors a day and most do NOT buy from us. They come for information, so they can better understand bio and neurofeedback. Please factor this into the equation when you consider purchasing an instrument or biofeedback system. Our prices are great to start with, but supporting us supports the field too.


Rob Kall