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If you haven't found the subject you want, the exact quotation you are looking for, or need something different, there are a number of ways we can help you.

we'll do a search for you through our unique collection of quotations. These consist of about 10,000 quotes we've keyed in ourselves, at least 10,000 more gleaned from the web, numerous CD Rom based quote collections, and over 350 quotation, epigram, aphorism, thought and laconica books, holding hundreds of thousands more quotations. Some of the books date back to the 1700s.

1) for $25, we'll e-mail you our complete list of quotations for a given subject. We generally provide one half to one fifth of the total number of quotations in our database on a given subject. We will provide them for you for your use, except to create your own for sale or net based quotation collection, database or commercial product. You are fee to use the quotations for lectures, books, articles, and to spice up your website. We'd appreciate a link to our site, if you do use any of the quotes from us at your website, and an ackowledgement in your book or work, if you use us as a source.
2) for $50 we'll do a brief search on a topic we don't currently have. This searches about 25,000 quotations.We'll also check out related terms so you will get at least 12 quotes related to the subject. For example, if we search for the word intelligent, and only come up with six quotes, we'll also look for quotes on smart, bright, and wise. Actually, these topics would come up with plenty each. But if you gave us ARID, for example we might check out dry, parched, dusty, dessicated. It helps if you tell us more about how you want to use the quote. then we can do a better search.
3) for $250 we'll do a more painstaking, comprehensive search using our best 20 quotation books, adding another 200,000 quotations to the mix, plus we'll check selected titles in our 5,000 book research library.
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