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Cyber Flea Market: Reconditioned & Demo Stuff

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Bought, sold, traded (we clear out your dusty closets.)

Used Biofeedback Equipment, Systems, Machines Wanted.

We are always looking to buy or trade used instruments or systems, especially Used Procomp+, Procomp2 and Procomp Infiniti.

Call us for a price.

This is one of our strengths. We can provide systems to meet your needs at just about any price point.

Just in:

Used Procomp Infiniti with 2 Sensors $2699 sold
Used Procomp + with 1 EEG call for pricing and availability available as upgraded to infiniti with two used sensors $3200
Brainmaster- 1.88 software $749
Achievement Trainer-- new $1299 about three years old, never used.
Biocomp system with HEG and EEG $1599 sold new for around $5000.This one has barely been used, by a therapist who became ill and retired. notebook computer included
BioPro Computerized Biofeedback System commodore 64 computer, color monitor and printer $849 Yes, it's an older computer, but it's easy to use and works great. Two channels of EMG, and a channel of thermal
Used Procomp Sensors 30% off retail. call or email for availability
3 Photosonic Inner Pulse sound and Light entrainment units $129 each (retails for $160)
a-620 EEG including computer used $1595
a-620 front end Does not include card or software. $450
used M-58 EMG Scanner- hand held, digital display makes it easy to do manual paraspinal EMG scanning $419
Used M-59 home trainer EMG pocket sized, includes five second delay for night bruxism $279
Flexiplus stand-alone microprocessor EMG $749
Inner Tell Stand-alone EMG wood box $249
Inner Tell Thermal / Temperature trainer $259 wood box, red LED display and digital readout
J&J T-68 Thermal / Temperature trainer Top of the line. digital numeric readout and red LED feedback display Was sold new for $895 buy used for $399
Health Pax CES unit $199

M-57 EMG dual sold new for $1390 our price $649 add a dual channel digital display for $199. Compare to new dual channel units selling for $1500- $1900

T-68 Thermal Trainer with Digital readout and LED auto-resetting light bar display was $800 new, now $399. This is the best temp trainer we know of.

NeuScan complete dual EMG hardware and software system
Suggested retail $3895 we are selling a used unit with new software for $2195. sold.
Buy new for $4695
  • Demonstrate muscle imbalance between one side and the other across the spine to identify possible subluxations & dysfunction.
  • Assess areas of paraspinal muscles compared to normative data base and demonstrate areas of hyperactivity.
  • involve patients in treatment by showing areas of concern.
  • Use installed charts, showing relationship between various segmental levels and affected tissues & organs to graphically demonstrate a patient's areas of hyperactivity and potential dysfunction.
  • Produce an automated patient report showing these details in a format that is useful for patient education, and as a monitoring tool, for patient care and in reporting cases to insurance companies and attorneys.

Myodac . MYODAC EMG $1495 retail dual channel EMG system with active electrodes and simple graphing software Used unit $489 ($20 shipping) Used for paraspinal EMG

We buy, sell and trade used biofeedback and neurofeedback systems and equipment. Contact us for more info. All warranteed at least 15 days.
Standalone instruments do not require a computer to operate.

Book Special: Some are excess inventory we over-ordered for the last Winter Brain COnference. Some are books we have excess inventory on. Take 20% off the price of each book.

Remember, you deduct 20% off these prices

Casebook of Multimodal Therapy-Arnold Lazarus $20.00 flea market price $6.00

Back to Balamce- Stuart and Mary Donaldson $10.00 a patient orientation and exercises for integration with sEMG work with back pain.

When the Bough Breaks: A helping guide for parents of sexually abused children-Matsakis 13.95

Free of the Shadows: Recovering from Sexual Violence- Adams and Fay 12.95

Electromyography:Trigger Points & Myofascial Syndromes---Donaldson 10.00
A good intro for explaining EMG and trigger p9oints to patients, referral sources and adjusters.

ADHD and the Nature of Self-Control- Russell Barkley $45

Traumatic Stress- Vander Kolk, McFarlane, Weisaeth 55.00

The Rediscovery of Audio-Visual Entrainment Technology-Dave Siever $24
A just updated book on the use of sound and light stimulation.

Remember, you deduct 20% off these prices

Used Procomp Sensors: EMG, Resp, Pulse 25% off. We're saving these for people buying a new system, or clients who have already bought a system who want to add a sensor or two. ie., these are not for sale otherwise if you bought from someone else. Consider another benefit of buying from Futurehealth.

Used I-330-5566 $699

New! add Bionetica Software for $499

Old, Used stand-alone EMG biofeedback units-- $200-$450 (Cyborg, ASI, Med Associates, others.

Re-conditioned BioPro COmputerized biofeedback system, complete with computer & Monitor $899 (sold new for $3995)

This system includes the following: 2 EMG, thermal, EDG channels, plus instructional video

uses the J&J I-300 Commodore 64 version of the hardware. Includes great software

used equipment including computer, printer and monitor and instructional video (when available). Don't think of the
Commodore 64 as a computer for word processing, etc. Think of it as a dedicated
microprocessor, like the Mytotrac 2 or A2 EEG units.

Re-conditioned CAB-2 Biofeedback System
complete with EMG, thermal, Monitor, software and computer. $849
This is a very nice, easy to operate computer system,ideal ofr a start-up practice or for use as a home trainer.

Used IBS Automated blood pressure unit. computer compatible. (New $2000) $489

Used MyoDac System Two channel EMG, with software $549

Games for MindDrive $14 each call for list.

Cardiosignalizer RSA respiratory Sinus arhythmia Biofeedback trainer reduced from $500 to $149.

FASSTECH Four Channel EMG System Demo Unit $849 (Brand New, never used. Retails for $4000 plus) This is a great product. Usable for kinesiologic assessment, incontinence or other muscle related needs.

fasstech orion PC EMG.gif (18135 bytes)

mupsych.gif (7795 bytes)music made for relaxation, biofeedback, hypnosis

Tapes are usually $10 each. Order three for $15 and get three additional titles for free. $8 shipping.

Futurehealth Inc 211 N. Sycamore, Newtown, PA 18940, USA voice 215-504-1700 fax 215-860-5374

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