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Freebies Website content we are glad to share with you, that's totally free.

While we do sell instruments, books, tapes, and registration for meetings and workshops, we've made a real effort to make sure that there is a major potion of the website with free, useful, even valuable content you can use to improve your work or life. We hope you'll take the time to browse through some of these areas.

Quotation Central hundreds of quotations on subjects related to this website.
Responsibility Central

Positivity Central
KPEI Positive Experience Inventory (English or Spanish/Espanol) designed to help you recall long forgotten positive experience memories
Anatomy of Positive Experience Outline
Heartwarmers brief anecdotes of experiences which warmed people's hearts. They'll warm yours too.

BioPsy Webzine Back Issues articles, news, quotations, since 1996. And you can subscribe free
Abstracts from the 1998 Winter Conference on Brain function, Modification & Training
'1996 Key West Winter Brain Advanced Neurofeedback Meeting Abstracts
Abstracts from 1997 Winter Brain Conference
1998 Optimal Functioning Meeting Abstracts

Articles on Biofeedback and related topics
Biofeedback Frequently Asked Questions