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A Heartwarmer is an experience which makes you kinda glow inside, softly smile and feel warm and nice. Sometimes you sparkle or your eyes crinkle up-- the corners show crows-feet. Heartwarmers don't last long.

I collect anecdotes of heartwarmers. Here are few I've had told to me or written down in workshops I give on The Anatomy of Positive Experience and Good Feelings. It feels good to read these and to tell other people about your own. I'd appreciate any anecdotes you want to send me to add to the data-base.

Try telling one or more to someone you know. See how it feels. Try it. You'll like it. Smile a little extra when you
tell it. You'll feel it. :) Send your best ones to me and I'll put them in this list and or the BioPsy Webzine.

Rob Kall

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-agoraphobic- driving on road for first timeagoraphobic- seeing apt bldg. three blocks from my house for the first time. It was built three years agosharing my sons excitement bout being able to jump into the pool all by himself.having a landscaper ask which professional landscaper did my lawn which I'd done all by myself going down a tall water slide with my daughter. Seeing her face her fear and enjoy the experience, and at the end hearing her smiling say "Let's do it again Daddy."my car was in an accident and I was depressed because I expected to have to do without a car for a week. Within an hour of finding out, three friend offered m e use of their car.

-Getting a call from RCA executive asking me what I would do if they gave me a recording contract. I felt like bursting out screaming for joy, but I answered him calmly and business-like.

-playing a sold-out concert re-union gig, the first time our band had performed in several years. It felt like the happiest
day of my life. There was so much love between the band members and we could feel so much love and appreciation from the audience.

-We went on a week long vacation together in Mexico, and a lot of the time I kept thinking I should propose, but I didn't say the words. Then we returned to her place and it was just about time for me to leave town to go home. I couldn't leave without saying, "I think we should get married." She agreed. "I guess that means we're engaged." Making love after we decided was incredible.

-Hearing friends tell the details of their engagement, seeing the loving glances, the warm smiles as they enjoy hearing each other tell parts of the story.

-(7 y/o) going over a new friend's house for the first time, playing games and dolls.

-(4 y/o)making paintings in school and showing them to Mommy and Daddy.

-3 y/o getting a new doll with hair that changes color when I touch it.

-7 y/o writing my own invitations for a slumber party.

-having my 7 y/o write a song with me helping her just with the spelling.

-having my 7 year old ask me to read her the "real Shakespeare" (not Lamb's children's version) because she likes how different it sounds.

-sharing a new idea of mine with colleagues and having it enthusiastically received.

-finding a book I'd been looking for for six months, and getting a 1775 edition of it for just $10.00.

-finding the definition of electricity in the Samuel Johnson dictionary (written 1759) is "a curious property of amber."

-Seeing a software project I worked on with a friend far exceed our original goals and see it sell beyond our projections.

-having my daughter spend an evening being particularly sweet and attentive to me after working a whole weekend. She missed me as much as I missed her.
-seeing my son starting to read letter and little words for the first time.

-seeing my daughter read with inflection indicative of facility and understanding of what she was reading.

-seeing the amazement of the whale doctor in Star Trek 4 when she is magically beamed aboard the Klingon ship.

-Seeing the old people dancing after the lead dancer courageously risks losing a summer's pay to do the last dance
number, at the same time showing his love for "Baby," in Dirty Dancing.

-Seeing Oprah Winfrey's mind flicker back on in The Color Purple.
-In the movie The Color Purple; Seeing Celie spit in the glass her despicable father-in law was drinking from.

-40 something male psychologist- My transmission stopped working (at 81,000+ miles) and I took it to the dealer. The service manager called later with the estimate and told me that indeed I did need a whole new transmission (my heart sank), and Chrysler would replace it AT NO CHARGE even though it was out of warranty (my heart soared). It didn't cost me a cent and the car runs better than when it was new. I have to smile every time I think about it.

- I was driving home from a friends house one day and both of my children were with me. It had been raining off and on all day and I was just having an all around bad day. My daughter spotted a rainbow in the sky. I was amazed that it was a double rainbow. "Mommy," my 3 year old son said, "God made the rainbow in the sky, huh?" "Yes," I said. "He did." "I like God," my son replied. Needless to say the day didn't seem so bad from that point on.

. I like your idea about the hearth warmers very much. I had one this weekend when I moved my friend to her new home. She's been living above a neighbour who made her life misserable. Now she has a beautiful new home and I felt very warm when we had moved her and I saw her for the first time in her new home, she looked so happy. It made me glow inside.