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The Positive Paradigms Sciences:

Advanced Meeting/Colloquium Exploring The Science of Positive States & The Varieties of Positive Experience, Good Feelings, Peak & Optimal States Location and date to be announced once financial sponsors are found. Rob Kall, 211 N. Sycamore, Newtown, PA 18940, 215-504-1700 fax 215-860-5374

Tentative Speakers all tentative speakers have agreed to be listed as tentative speakers.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.. Flow, The Evolving Self
Frank Farley: the Type T, risk taking, thrill seeking, stimulatin seeking personality, Love, sex.
Thom Hartmann : ADD A Different Perspective, Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight,
Valerie Hunt  Bioenergies
Michael Hutchison mind technologies, Megabrain Zones
Rob Kall Anatomy of Positive Experience, Heartwarming, Biofeedback; Theory & Practice
Stan Krippner parapsychology, consciousness researcher
Joel Levey  spent a year living in silence at a buddhist retreat. Trains green berets, Corporate execs in
                       connecting with the sacred at the job.
Candace Pert neuropeptide /endorphin researcher
Karl Pribram neurscientist, Holographic mind.
Peter Russell The Global Brain
Allan Schore Attachment and Emotional Regulation
Gary Schwartz emotion psychophysiology research, Caring
Charles Tart Altered States
Anna Wise High Performance Mind
Eugene Taylor Psych/ Wm James psychohistorian
Lionel Tiger Antrhopology of Hope & Optimism
Jeanne Achterberg  editor J of Integral Medicine
Norm Shealy  Neurosurgeon, psychologist
Marilyn Ferguson editor/publisher Brain/Mind Bulletin

The Project:

The goal is to bring together world leaders to present, share and cross fertilize, at an advanced level,  scientific data, different models and advanced thinking  and approaches to all aspects of what we know and how we study what  is positive. 

    I hope to invite leaders from very different approaches-- both empirical scientific psychological, biological, theological, educational, anthropological and  entertainment realms to share ideas.

Another goal is to create a temporary community for sharing ideas, information, networking.... where common needs and goals can be identified, where some sort of alliance across disciplines can be established. 

Diversity of perspective is a key element. If  even one speaker is familiar with all of the others then I will not have done my job  of bringing in a wide enough spectrum of interests.

If the scientists who use methodology to collect data are not made a bit uncomfortable by the furthest-out model builders, then I haven't done my job either.  And I expect some of the more esoteric  model builders to be at least  a bit uncomfortable under the methodological scrutiny of the scientists. But hopefully this will all lead to more and better science with broader visions.

I am Rob Kall, organizer of the meeting. I have been presenting on Positivity Training at professional meetings for about 12 years. It's   self-regulation, self empowerment  model of the anatomy of positive experience, which evolved from my work as a counselor and biofeedback therapist. Hence my interest in this area. It's based on the core idea that positive experiences are the basic building blocks of inner strength and inner resources-- that they give us the ability and create the context to cope with adversity and stress, to feel good, face and create challenges, enjoy our successes and learn from our failures. The training consists of exploring aspects of the anatomy of   positive experience.

                                Meeting Goals: 

-creating a field and science which produces tools used routinely in health, social planning, government, education, arts, entertainment, services, product development, etc.
-connecting multiple disciplines, cross pollinating ideas, models, theories, research & funding strategies.
-organizing a field dedicated to exploration of and funding for research on the subject.
-Building a database
-create a model aimed at producing positive states besides elimination of negative symptoms, illness, problems, etc.
-Building  lines of communication.

FUNDING NEEDED To make this meeting the success it has the potential to be, major corporate, foundation or individual funding is needed. If  you or your organization is interested please let us know. We need  a minimum of $100,000. This is a unique opportunity to play a role in making a historic meeting happen, which will mark the beginning of a new science.


Rob Kall, 211 N. Sycamore, Newtown, PA 18940, 215-504-1700 fax 215-860-5374