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The Smile Book

The following topics will each be covered in one to four pages.  

(This is not a finished book. It's a book proposal. The closest thing I have to it, that is finished, is my book, The Happiness Response.

-smiles are connected to....
-Eckman, Darwin, Izzard; smile wiring
-Smile anatomy
-smile neurology-- upper lower motor neuron smile psychomotor retardation
-whole body smiling
-varieties of smiles
-kids smile the best
-celebrity smiles
-what comes first-- the smile or the feeling?
-smile physiology
-chills and thrills and endorphins
-smile with your voice-feeling good sounds
-smiles can make you stronger
-smiles as pearls around pain
-smile timing-- smiles don't last. they're not supposed to.
-Fractal smiling. The chaos called happiness.
-"I can't smile!"
-smile genetics
-smile workout
-Pumping smile iron
-smile repetitions
-progressive smile activation
-smile feedback
-smile hiding rules
-smile vampirism
-smile business
-smile desensitization
-smiles in social world
-smile evolution
-fear of smiling taking the risks, having the courage to smile
-smile reflex
-getting ready to smile
-smile homunculus
-God's wavelength
-why we feel
-letting go, beyond relaxation to comfortable emotion expression
-smile massage
-x rated smiling
-smile transplants
-dead faces
-fake smiles
-smile retardation
-smile opportunities
-smile with your voice
-smiling with the flow
-heart connected loving smiles -
-silly, silly, silly
-smile in the mirror
-smile video analysis
-heaven-- what people want
every other page will include a quotation or a Positive experience/heartwarming anecdote



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