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Rob Kall Futurehealth Radio Show; Joe Kamiya, Terry Patten, Paul Swingle and Patricia Norris

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The show is turning out to be a lot of fun, exploring ideas with real leaders in the worlds of neuro/biofeedback, consciousness, transpersonal psychology, clinical psychophysiology.

The most recent show included Joe Kamiya, THE inventor of neurofeedback, talking about his original work at University Chicago-- that's right Neurofeedback started at the University of Chicago. And Joe, who did that first work in 1958, also talks about his visions of the future of the field. Joe and I also co-edited the free, online book Textbook of Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback, qEEG and Brain Self Regulation

Download Joe Kamiya's Podcast here

Terry Patten is the co-author of Integral Life practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening, with Ken Wilber and two others. He characterizes it as an approach to Wake up, open your heart, show up... It takes Ken Wilber's theoretical ideas and provides a GPS for applying them.

Terry was also founder of Tools For Exploration and worked with Michael Hutchison on Megabrain Journal. His website is www.integralheart.com

He talked about:

Everybody yearns for something more, at least in certain moments.
By trying to be a good person, by loving, reading good books, opening their hearts, praying, yoga, running, for some their sport becomes a practice.

Integral life practice can fill in the missing pieces to reach wholeness.

become freer and freer of the things that are dragging you down--

download the podcast here:

Doctor Paul Swingle was a full professor at Ottawa University and lecturer at Harvard Medical School. He's currently in private practice in Vancouver, British Columbia, where his practice sees 12,000 visits a year... He discusses Brain driving with Autism, Coma, emotional trauma, and other applications, use of QuickQ, integration of brain stimulation with neurofeedback, AVS stimulation, his work studying how stimulation of acupuncture points affect brain activity and optimal functioning training with CEOs.

You can listen to the pre-recorded 25 minute portion show on 1360 AM at 9:00 PM EST Sunday or you can download the MP3 of the podcast at http://bit.ly/pswingle The show actually starts 5 minutes and 15 seconds into the raw recording.

Doctor Patricia Norris is an associate professor at Holos University, past president of the Boifeedback Society of America, Past president of ISSEEM-- International Society for the Study of Energy and Energy Medicine, and one of the biofeedback pioneers of the Menninger foundation's Voluntary Controls project. She'll be talking about transpersonal psychology, with and without biofeedback, treatment of substance abuse with neurofeedback, dealing with the judicial system and bottom up mind.
Pat's interview can be accessed here:

Recording Download Link(Right-click the link and select "Save Target As )



One theme has run through my work for the past 40 plus years-- a desire to play a role in waking people up, raising their consciousness and empowering them. I was the organizer founder of the Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meetings and president of Futurehealth, Inc., with interests in (more...)

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