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Procomp BioGraph System the hottest biofeedback professional system we offer.
C-2 Biofeedback Systems new, with all the bells and whistles, at great prices
Stress Management and Relaxation Training Tools
Biofeedback training Systems
Biofeedback Standalone Instruments
Neurofeedback Foundations Course on tape
Tapes from Past Palm Springs & Key West Neurofeedback Meetings
Audio & Video Tapes
Neuromuscular Rehab sEMG
supplies cables electrodes
Disposable Electrodes
Books Worth Reading
Ghost in the Box BF must reading
Heart Tracker Heart rate Variability & Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Feedback
specials.JPG (838 bytes)Some of our best deals are here.
EEG/Neurofeedback Systems
High End EEG Systems
WaveRider Biofeedback System
Neuromapping with the Mindset
Surface EMG Muscle Scanning/Imaging Software
Bio-Q Thermal Biofeedback Ring
Low Cost Audio Home Thermal Trainer
The Book; Applied Neurophysiology & Brain Biofeedback

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