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bioQring.gif (18041 bytes)BIO-Q Biofeedback

Thermometer Ring:

Your Early warning System for Stress Awareness
The worlds best selling precision biofeedback device. This is an attractive, water proof ring with a high resolution thermometer for measuring finger temperature baseline. It is used at America's most respected medical facilities to treat pain and stress disorders and by the top stress control trainers to enhance workshop/program interest and post training generalization of skills. Bio-Q rings are reimbursed by many third party medical insurers.     more on the bio-Q story
Bio-Q Read the furthest green dot clockwise for .5 F (.25 C) temperature resolution, using the world's smallest self contained precision thermometer. If you don't know your finger size, go to: http://www.john-christian.com/sizer.htm   


Available in small (6), Medium (8) and Large (10) sizes., Sugg. retail $39.99, one time order of clinician sample $19.95, 3/ $59, 6/$108, 12/$180, 30/$359, 50/$549, 100/$999, 200/$1800   

Call or email to order quantities. These will be added to the shopping cart in the next few weeks. All quantity orders come in mixed sizes
small gold plated $19.95    One Click buy Now
med. gold plated $19.95     One Click Buy Now
large gold plated  $19.95   One Click Buy Now  
small silver color  $19.95   One Click Buy Now
med. silver color  $19.95     One Click Buy Now
large silver color  $19.95     One Click Buy Now
3   $59        One Click Buy Now
6   $108     One Click Buy Now
12  $180     One Click Buy Now
30  $359     One Click Buy Now
50  $549     One Click Buy Now
100 $999    One Click Buy Now
200 $1800   One Click Buy Now
For quantity orders, you may specify what mix of sizes you want. If, later, you find you have too many of one size, you may swap unused rings for the sizes you need, with no charge, except shipping.