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Anna Wise

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Anna Wise passed away March 3, 2010. She'd been teaching a course at Esalen, developed Pneumonia and the illness took her.
Anna was a bright light in the world of Neurofeedback before the field took hold. She was the world's leading authority on The Awakened Mindâ„¢ and EEG. Author of Awakening the Mind: A Guide to Mastering the Power of Your Brainwaves (Tarcher Putnam 2002) and The High Performance Mind - Mastering Brainwaves for Insight, Healing, and Creativity (Tarcher Putnam 1995, 2nd. edition 2004).

Anna was a contributing author of The Art of Survival - A Guide to Yoga Therapy (Unwin Hyman Ltd. 1987) with her chapter "Biofeedback Meditation and the Awakened Mind," where she first published her groundbreaking new material which included identifying alpha brainwaves as the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious mind. She also recognized that it is the interrelationship of the peak frequencies of beta, alpha, theta, and delta that distinguishes the awakened mind. By understanding and working with the importance of the relationship between the state and the content of consciousness, Anna developed her protocol for brainwave training that forms the basis of her work. In 1981, she began her Awakened Mindâ„¢ prorgram in the United States. In 1988 she founded The Anna Wise Center, moving to San Francisco and finally settling in Marin County. In 2007, Anna relocated to Berkeley, CA.

She wrote, lectured, worked as a consultant and enjoyed leading seminars at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Anna taught biofeedback meditation and brainwave training for the past three decades and led workshops and seminars throughout the United States, and in Europe, South America, and Asia), Anna had Diplomates in Neurotherapy and Peak Performance, and her M.A. was in Humanistic Psychology. She was an early member of the Academy of Certified Neurotherapists.

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Sequential Awakened Mind (2491 views) We owe the original discovery of the awakened mind brain wave pattern to the brilliant British psychobiologist and biophysicist C. Maxwell Cade 30 years ago in the early 1970s. Cade measured the brain wave patterns of many healers, spiritual teachers and advanced meditators as well as 300 of his own students. He found a pattern that he identified as a step beyond meditation that exhibits the "lucid awareness" of meditation..

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