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#1 10/2/2011 The Politics of Prevention (Lynette Louise) In the unique position of being certified in both holistic and mainstream medicine, Lynette sheds light on the frightening possibilites regarding preventing illness. This is a must read for anyone interested in having access to all the answers regarding their families health!2 2 Comment Count
#2 6/30/2010 More on the Politics of Indian Identity (Lewis Mehl-Madrona) Based upon comment on last weeks, "More Indian than Thou" essay, I continue my musings about the politics of Indian identity. I explore the fundamentalist response which argues that pure bloods are more Indian than mixed bloods and that non-status Indians have no business reading about, participating in, or even being interested in aboriginal culture. I argue that this would, in fact, allow the U.S. government to succeed.1 1 Comment Count

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