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Anna Wise: Sequential Awakened Mind We owe the original discovery of the awakened mind brain wave pattern to the brilliant British psychobiologist and biophysicist C. Maxwell Cade 30 years ago in the early 1970s. Cade measured the brain wave patterns of many healers, spiritual teachers and advanced meditators as well as 300 of his own students. He found a pattern that he identified as a step beyond meditation that exhibits the "lucid awareness" of meditation..
Tom Budzynski: Tuning In On The Twilight Zone FOR A BRIEF TIME as we lie in bed at night, neither fully awake nor yet asleep, we pass through a twilight mental zone that Arthur Koestler has described as a state of reverie. Many people associate this drowsy stage with hallucinatory images, more fleeting and disjointed than dreams, and compare it to the viewing of a speeded-up, jerky series of photographic slides. A host of artists and scientists have credited the...
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Nancy White: Alpha-Theta Neurotherapy As a Multi-Level Matrix of Intervention Alpha-Theta Neurotherapy, has been found in clinical practice, as in the original work of Elmer and Alyce Green and further developed by Eugene Peniston and described in his original research, to reduce or eliminate alcoholic craving while simultaneously addressing mental, emotional, physical and, at times, spiritual dimensions of alcoholism and surrounding issues.
Patricia Norris: Neurofeedback / EEG Biofeedback Procedures; Basic Descriptions neurofeedback and related procedures used to deal with ADD, Closed Head Injury, Addictions, or for alertness, focus

Michael Cohen: How is brain imaging and cognitive neuroscience impacting neurofeedback? By learning from advances in both cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging about the brain, neurofeedback has learned to better target different areas of the brain. Much more information exists and will continue to help training strategies in the future. Some recent promising research from imaging studies suggests advances in applying neurofeedback for Learning Disabilities and chronic pain, as an example.

Jay Gunkelman: Thalamic Involvement in the Generation of the Alpha Rhythms Alpha" it's not a simple idling rhythm" let's look at alpha generators: The thalamic involvement in the generation of the alpha rhythm is being under-valued when looking at the LORETA images of alpha current source generators.
Dale Patterson: EEG Neurotheraphy In The Treatment Of Alcoholism And Addictions: Brief Overview The Peniston Neurofeedback Protocol is an intervention tested and proven effective with veterans and PTSD at the VA hospital system. This article details the elements of it.

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