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#1 10/10/2014 Bringing Magic Back to a Muggle World (Lewis Mehl-Madrona) We need to bring magic back into our modern, materialistic world. While ultimately magic will have a scientific description, it will probably take place at the quantum level, which few of us can understand. Therefore, we are left to marvel at the way energy moves matter, at how our participation in each others electrical fields of our hearts creates coherence and even health and well-being. We are left to wonder and awe.1 1 Comment Count
#2 2/1/2010 Connection, Inhibition and Path-Specific Relaxation Training (Tom Collura) The brain is a hyperconnected system, containing on the order of 10 billion neurons, each of which can have hundreds or thousands of connections to other neurons. The brain depends on dynamically managing trillions of connections, to regulate the interactions between all of its parts. How are all of these connections managed toward useful ends? The key lies in the ability to network to selectively enable or disable conn...
#3 1/7/2010 Adding Biofeedback to your Eating Disorders Practice (Gary Ames) How to incorporate biofeedback as an evidence-based intervention. Neurofeedback study results for eating disorders.
#4 11/17/2009 Thalamic Involvement in the Generation of the Alpha Rhythms (Jay Gunkelman) Alpha" it's not a simple idling rhythm" let's look at alpha generators: The thalamic involvement in the generation of the alpha rhythm is being under-valued when looking at the LORETA images of alpha current source generators.
#5 10/29/2009 COHERENCE AND BRAIN CONNECTIVITY-THEIR MEANING (Tom Collura) This article describes the importance and nature of brain connectivity measures, as applied to neurofeedback. Coherence and other variables are important factors in designing and conducting neurofeedback training.
#6 10/5/2009 SubType Analysis of Learning Disabilities by QEEG patterns (Kirtley Thornton) SubType Analysis of LD by QEEG patterns
#7 9/30/2009 The Disconnection Syndrome (Gary Schummer) there are many types and subtypes of aphasia, depending on where a problem occurs,

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