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Devin Hastings: Self Sabotage and How Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Can Eliminate It Self Sabotage is one of the most destructive forms of self-hypnosis a person can engage in. This article will absolutely help you to 'break the spell' of self sabotage. You really can begin now to banish the feelings of discouragement and despair that so-called "self-sabotage" creates. Start to realistically change your life for the better now! 1 1 Comment Count
Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Accountability This essay is about accountability. In the community mental health center where I have been working, most of the patients lack any sense of self-agency or accountability. Most see themselves as helpless victims of diseases over which they have no influence. They expect me to provide them with a drug that will regulate their moods and emotions and make them feel normal again. What does it take to restore a sense of agency? 1 1 Comment Count

Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D.: Who Owns Self-Regulation? We are moving into an age where people are taking responsibility for their own well-being, and that by now includes the domain of most psychopharmacological agents. It will most certainly also include the self-regulation technologies. This future is not to be feared. Home training has been a mainstay of biofeedback therapy since forever, and the principal complaint in that regard is that...
Colleen Roberts: The Human Side of Neurofeedback This article gives an easy to understand description of neurofeedback and how it benefited my niece Suzy Johnson, who suffered from ADHD. 1 1 Comment Count
Rob Kall: The Politics of Responsibility, Self Regulation & Optimal Functioning Moving from an illness care model to a health and self responsibility model of health care.
Siegfried Othmer: Our Declining State of Health Last May, Science Magazine featured a review of a recent study of human health going back some 10,000 years. Surprisingly, perhaps, our state of health has been declining generally over the last 3,000 years, coinciding essentially with the broad adoption of agriculture. The trends are not subtle, apparently. Statures have shrunk, and there was an increase in skeletal lesions, tuberculosis, and leprosy.
Rob Kall: Positive Perception: Learn to See the World You Want: Self Regulation of selective perceptual filtering Taking Control of Creating A Positive Attitude and A Positive Way to See the World,

Patricia Norris: Self-Regulation for Immune System Disorders Beyond the amelioration or healing of an immune system disorder, biofeedback-assisted psychophysiologic therapy provides the experiential knowledge of self-regulation, self-mastery, and voluntary control, and an improved and empowered self image. This has far-reaching consequences, for the image that we hold of ourselves influences everything that we are and everything we do.
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Richard A. Sherman: The Use of EIectromyographic and Temperature Biofeedback for Treatment of Cramping and Burning Phantom Limb Pain Phantom limb pain occurs among between 50 and 80 percent of amputees. For patients who describe burning/tingling phantom limb pain and have an essentially normal reactive vascular system, a trial of temperature biofeedback may provide relief.
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John G. Arena, Ph.D.: The use of EMG biofeedback for the treatment of chronic tension headache. Headache is the most common pain complaint(11) and the most frequent medical problem seen in medical clinics(7). Most experts(3) believe that the majority of headaches are muscle tension-type. Although nearly all of the headache literature treats biofeedback and relaxation therapy as separate interventions, most clinicians combine both procedures when treating their tension headache patients.
Gary J. Schummer, Ph.D.: Self-Regulation of the Immune System The concept that we can modulate immune response through neurofeedback is a logical extension of currently accepted procedures and protocols.
Grant Lawrence: The Bodhisattva's Vow: Moving Past the Prison of the 'Self' The Bodhisattva, to me, is a state of being and not a concept that is owned by any particular religion or sect. Rather,"What makes someone a Bodhisattva is her or his dedication to the ultimate welfare of other beings, as expressed in the prayer: 'May I attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings'."
Belleruth Naparsteck: Finally Figuring Out What Helps Troops with Posttraumatic Stress We're finally figuring it out, people. Research from around the country is giving us the keys to helping our traumatized troops coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq. The only problem is, it will be at least a year - maybe two - before these studies are published.

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