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# Date Link
#1 7/8/2010 Trauma, Health and Neurofeedback (Vidya Bolz) summary of Dr. Robert Scaer's excellent video on his work on trauma and how it is stored in neural networks1 1 Comment Count
#2 12/2/2009 Neurofeedback and Ayahuasca: A More Effective Program for Personal Growth (Lincoln Stoller) Modern neurofeedback therapy is compared with the experience and goals of the traditional ayahuasca ceremony. A program of conducting neurofeedback training in conjunction with the ayahuasca ceremony is described. It's argued that such a combination enhances the goals of each program by providing better preparation and post-training support.
#3 9/27/2009 Holistic Psychotherapy and Trauma Treatment (Judith Acosta) What happens in trauma? Why do memories persist the way they do? What options do people have for successful recovery? This article offers a brief overview.

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