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#1 10/10/2014 The Hero's Journey and The Biofeedback Neurofeedback Practitioner's and Client's Stories (Rob Kall) Here's a short summary of my take how story and the Hero's Journey plays an integral role in biofeedback:
#2 6/19/2010 Who Owns Self-Regulation? (Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D.) We are moving into an age where people are taking responsibility for their own well-being, and that by now includes the domain of most psychopharmacological agents. It will most certainly also include the self-regulation technologies. This future is not to be feared. Home training has been a mainstay of biofeedback therapy since forever, and the principal complaint in that regard is that...
#3 3/4/2010 Short Sighted Health Insurer Policies Which Refuse to Pay for Healing & Preventive Services Hurt Patients, Cost Fortune (Lewis Mehl-Madrona) I don't know anyone who is happy with their health insurance... I'd like to weigh in on what people don't get with today's health insurance, because I know what I don't get paid by insurance to do.
#4 2/19/2010 FLEXIBILITY AND APPROPRIATENESS -AN UNDERPINNING WE CAN ALL AGREE UPON (Tom Collura) Flexibility and appropriateness of brain function are put into context, and show up at the core of many applications of neurofeedback. It is not so much an issue of "too much" or "too little" as it is one of the brain having the ability to be flexible and appropriate, to access brain states that are suited to the task or situation.
#5 1/19/2010 Neurofeedback / EEG Biofeedback Procedures; Basic Descriptions (Patricia Norris) neurofeedback and related procedures used to deal with ADD, Closed Head Injury, Addictions, or for alertness, focus
#6 12/7/2009 THE NEURO-RELAXATION PARADIGM (Tom Collura) Neuronal Regulation is a key concept in neurofeedback. Rather than being a trivial concept related to a simple relaxation state, neurorelaxation means affecting the brain at its most dynamical level, implementing change that is transformational in nature.
#7 11/10/2009 Biofeedback and Locked In Syndrome-- in ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis /Lou Gherig's Disease) (Rob Kall) links and some discussion on the use of neurofeedback and brain monitoring with ALS Lou Gherig's Disease (Amotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
#8 9/25/2009 NEUROFEEDBACK - WHAT TO DO (OR NOT DO) (Tom Collura) Neurofeedback is a process, not a job. When practitioners and trainees approach EEG training as a process of allowing, not doing, results will be forthcoming.
#9 9/25/2009 Neurofeedback using HEG (Hershel Toomim) How to do neurofeedback, or brain training use hemoencephalography
#10 9/24/2009 On the sidelines of a travesty (Bernard) Describes efforts to promote EEG neurofeedback as a mainstream treatment option for epilepsy and seizure disorders.

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