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#1 3/12/2009 Foundations of Neurofeedback DVD Course (FutureHealth Products) Neurofeedback is both an art and science. There are almost as many ways to go about doing it effectively as there are practitioners. We've assembled a collection of presentations by 22 of the best leaders in the field of neurofeedback, recorded live, so you can get exposure to all their different models and get the basics under your belt.
#2 11/3/2008 Coherence, Phrase and the Relationship between them (Bill Hudspeth) Futurehealth Workshop by Bill Hudspeth
#3 10/1/2008 Differential diagnosis of brain connectivity Status: considering correlation, coherence and comodulation (Bill Hudspeth) Futurehealth Workshop by Bill Hudspeth
#4 6/6/2008 In Depth Presentation and Demonstration of How Coherence Training with Couples and Groups Impacts Attentional Flexibility (Les Fehmi) Fehmi, Les and Susan B. Shor. Futurehealth Workshop
#5 6/6/2008 Psychological Coherence: the relationship between heart brain dynamics, positive emotions, improved health and optimal performance (Rollin McCraty) Futurehealth Workshop by Rollin McCraty
#6 11/20/2006 THE MODULAR COHERENCE APPROACH TO NEUROFEEDBACK TRAINING (Jonathan Walker) Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by Jonathan Walker

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