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Tom Collura: Coherence, Synchrony, and the Rest: Putting it all together with 2-channel training Futurehealth Workshop by Tom Collura 2-channel training is used for bihemispheric (both sides of the brain) training, coherence/synchrony training, and asymmetry training. This workshop will explain the concepts of 2-channel EEG training and include practical demonstration.
Tom Collura: Real-time synchronous gamma training made easy. Futurehealth WinterBrain 20 minute plenary presentation by Tom Collura. Gamma waves have been shown to reveal a cohesive, organized state of mind that includes binding of many perceptions into a unified whole. Richard Davidson reported seeing these rhythms in advanced meditators. This presentation will show results and describe methods for the real-time training of fast bihemispherically synchronized 40 Hz ("gamma") activity, through real-time detection and targeting of brief synchronous bursts. This method can capture single brief (e.g. less than ? second) bursts of gamma that occur very rarely (e.g. once per minute), and can clearly discern and feed back individual bursts, for training purposes. This will be related to the cortical dynamics that underly the gamma rhythm, and discussed in the context of gamma training.
Les Fehmi: The Potential of the Synchronous Brain; Synchrony Training for Individual and Adults Fehmi, Les & Susan Schore. Futurehealth Workshop

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