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# Date Link
#1 9/26/2008 Audio visual Entertainment for Improving Mental Function & Cognition in Seniors (Thomas Budzynski)
#2 9/26/2008 Audio-visual Entrainment-How it works Studies and Clinical Applications (Dave Siever)
#3 6/12/2008 Breath Walk & Light/Sound Sessions: Tools for A/T Training (Uwe Gerlach)
#4 9/26/2008 Combined EEG feedback/light sound Training for children/adults with ADD/ADHD symptoms (Uwe Gerlach)
#5 4/29/2009 Effects of Auditory Stimulation on Brain Function (Ron Minson)
#6 12/26/2006 Listening Therapy - Hands On Workshop (Ron Minson)
#7 7/22/2008 Using Sound With Story (David Sonnenschein)

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