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April 21, 2016

Futurehealth Spring Cleaning Sale- over 100 items

By Rob Kall

Futurehealth has accumulated many items over its 36 years in business. We're doing a spring cleaning sale offering over 80 different items-- hardware, software, EEG electrodes, cables, stand-alone instruments, computer hardware-- EEG, EMG, Thermal, GSR, EEG electrode checkers, books, CDs, DVDs.


Futurehealth has accumulated many items over its 36 years in business.

We're doing a spring cleaning sale offering over 80 different items-- hardware, software, EEG electrodes, cables, stand-alone instruments, computer hardware-- EEG, EMG, Thermal, GSR, EEG electrode checkers, books, CDs, DVDs.

Check out this partial list. I'll be uploading more images over the next few days.

Make a reasonable offer

Drop me a line at rob at futurehealth dot org and I can provide images and more info about the items you are interested in.

Neurofeedback Foundations course DVD set sold for $300

buy for $135 including shipping in continental US

qEEG Foundations course CD audio sold for $179

buy for $95 including shipping

Alpha Brainwave biofeedback trainer (retailed for $150)

$65 Shipping $10

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

AlphaStim slim case--at least 15 years old

Alpha stim early model

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

The above unit comes with leads and worn out pads that can easily be replaced

The below unit does not come with leads. We may be able to dig some up from our huge cache of cables

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

We'll take $110 for one, $195 for both

Figure on shipping being $20 for one or both

Myotonic Russian EMG Digital numeric display, audio, includes cable.

$100 (2 available

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Davicon Actiview EMG 2 units one charger, one sensor more sensors possible

Photosonix Mind Stim (new) (possibly 2)

2 Photosonix Muse

3 Photosonix Inner Pulse

3 BrainQuiry P.E.T. Personal Efficiency Trainer

ICAP EEG unopened, never used


J&J M59 home trainer with disposables

J&J M58 digital EMG Muscle scanner $395

(Image by Futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

(Image by Futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

works great

I-330 C2 Mini EEG

J&J I-330 C2 six channel input (not old tan box) with sensors and USB adapter $950 and $20 shipping (includes a supply of disposable electrodes, cremes and pastes)

J&J I-330s, MHs and many modules and leads

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

J&J I-300 for commodore 64

Bio-pro cartridge software for Commodore 64

4 Commodore 64s with power supplies

4 CAB 2 Biofeedback units for commodore 64 with EMG and Thermal sensor

2- Color monitors for C-64

4 Commodore 64 or 128 computers

(order a complete CAB2 with computer and monitor for $300 inc shipping in 48 states

PainScan C-64 cartridge for I-300

2 BioMon audio thermal trainers $35 each

Inner Tell EMG standalone trainer (wood box painted silver) includes cable

Inner Tell Digital Temp A-6 Thermal trainer w numeric and light bar $300 (silver)

Fasstech ERGO EMG 4 ch input and EDA adapter

2 Brainmaster manuals and CDs

1 Brainmaster EEG with software Serial # 400

5 Biofeedback Driven Library 1 AVI

76 Inner Tube Particle Editor 3 for Bioexplorer or Brain Master

Retails for $425. closeout price including shipping $215

Stress eraser

Wild divine

ASI Electrode EEG lead tester does old pin and new protected pin $175

Checktrode by UFI protected pin EEG lead tester $175

ASI electrode tester -- only old pin compatible. You can buy adapters for a few bucks. $140

5 CDs Selling Neurofeedback $20 each

Thought Technology Products

(Image by Futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Here are a collection of sensors. Most of them are new.

7 EEG Flex pro sensors $150

2 EEG Flex pro's needing connector cable $125

3 EMG Myoscan pro sensors $198

1-myoscan $149

1 Myoscan $149

all need connector cable

2 EKG Flex pro sensors, one new $160, one used $145

1 Respflexpro $150

2BVP Flexpro complete, new $150

1 BVP flexpro used, needs connector cable$125 (You can switch out the cable for one of your other sensors, or buy a cable for

Thought Technology (TT): Calmlink GSR2 computer interface

TT GSR Temp 2 new

TT Procomp Infiniti wth Pro SB serial connector

TT multiple sensors for infiniti.

TT Myodac 2 EMG (serial connector no software) 2 sensors for older myotrack and amatron emgs.

Vaginal and anal EMG sensors never used, but expired date

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

New EEG Leads

EEG Leads--new--ear clips over 24

EEG Leads flat, cup electrodes over over 30

Short EEG leads 10

Lead sets 2 flat one ear 3

CEO EEG lead set

Biofeedback Erection Trainer (Farrell instruments) silver painted

A-3 GSR (painted silver for sci Fi movie)

Biosone B EEG Edmund Scientific $110 including shipping

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Biofeedback Systems DT-100 Thermal BF systems

EZComp 1500 Body Composition Analyze

Ultramind serial unit no SW

Biofeedback Systems EMG with cable

Biofeedback Systems universal multiplexer UMX1

Focus 1000 sensors, expansion box, no card


BFS Dermal Model EDR -002

BioSonometer GSR

Micronta GSR BF Monitor no cable

Aquarius Electronics Model 300C EMG (first BF manufacturer)

Jon Cowan Headphone EEG set--old pin electrodes

Captain's Log 2003 5.2 version CD and older 3.5" disks

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Brain Train Sound Smart Smart Driver CD

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

IVA CD and Manual Brain Train

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Captain's Log Binder with CDs (sealed, new, from about 2003)

Captain's Log Workbook

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Bionetica SW (for I-330 tan box, works on windows up to XP)

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Tova Dongle. Software not included.

Tom Budzynski Relaxation Training Program 3 cassettes

qEEG Foundations course CDs (4 CDs) curated by Jay Gunkelman

retailed for $199 close out for $110 including shipping

Charles Stroebel Quieting Reflex training 4 cassette tape set New

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

ADDept VHS video and workbook course

Relaxercise--new, sealed six or eight cassettes $50

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Book Ultimate Learning States by Brian Morrissey, signed $35 including shipping

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Book: Intro to the Method of Autogenic Therapy by Wolfgang Luthe from 1977 AAPB WS $20

Book: Electromagnetic Reflex Testing by Jonathan Walker, MD $25

Book Sport Psychology by Strack, Linden Wilson

$63 including shipping

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Collections of Brain Mind Bulletin compilations on different topics.

Marilyn Ferguson hand-picked these topics, aggregating collections of articles on some of the most popular topics the groundbreaking newsletter covered. The information is still fascinating.

These retailed for $20-$35 each. I've bundled them into somewhat related batches. Price 2 for $20, 3 for $25

5 for $39

Take all 13 of them for $79

all 13 weigh about 35 considering shipping cost.

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

(Image by futurehealth)   Details   DMCA

Authors Bio:

One theme has run through my work for the past 40 plus years-- a desire to play a role in waking people up, raising their consciousness and empowering them.
I was the organizer founder of the Winter Brain, Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology and StoryCon Meetings and president of Futurehealth, Inc., with interests in Positive Psychology as well as being involved in the field of biofeedback/neurofeedback since 1972.
see my more detailed bio, reflecting my work in biofeedback, here.

In 2003 I founded , where I've written over 1800 articles and have published over 100,000 other people's writings, with the goal of raising people's consciousness in political and activist ways.