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Lewis Mehl-Madrona
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Lewis Mehl-Madrona PET Scans and Spirits PET Scans and Spirits (SKU: AG-W2-037)
Futurehealth Workshop by Lewis Mehl-Madrona What do PET scan results say about metaphor? In this workshop, we will explore the craft of dialogue, shamanic and other. How do we use language, music, dance, and other modalities to switch worlds? Once those blinders are removed, how to we proceed? How do we invite a spirit to present itself? Are there rules for encounter and engagement? What are the results of these conversations and how do we develop them further for our own benefit and the benefit of others?
Pet Scans, Shamans, Spirits
Lewis Mehl-Madrona Shaman's Mind, Shaman's Work, Shaman's Dialogue Shaman's Mind, Shaman's Work, Shaman's Dialogue (SKU: AG-W2-023)
Futurehealth Workshop Lewis Mehl-Medrona In this workshop, we will explore the shamans (indigenous or aboriginal healers) take on mind, consciousness, health, and illness. We will compare this aboriginal way of gaining knowledge with European-derived cultures? insistence upon external expertise that is codified in categories and algorithms of practice. Many Western mindsets would view this story about mind as preposterous, invalid, or even psychotic, yet shamans quietly go about their work in communities where there reputation and livelihood is based upon sufficient success as to be noticed. We will close by discussing what we can learn from shamanic practice to enrich our own practices.
Dialogue, Mind, Shaman
Lewis Mehl-Madrona Stories and Transformation Stories and Transformation (SKU: AG-P-030)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk Lewis Mehl-Medrona No guidelines, algorithms, or principles exist for sudden, dramatic transformations in the lives of individuals, communities, or cultures. We may be able to predict when transformation is about to occur, but its directions are outside of our grasp. In this presentation, we will consider stories as a source of wisdom for how to transform. Aboriginal culture is replete with stories of spiritual and other transformations, the repetition of which, installs in the listener an intuitive sense for how to proceed and the belief that sudden transformation, even against all odds, is possible.
Story, Systems, Transformation
Showing 1-3 of 3 items
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