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George Martin
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George Martin Advanced BioExplorer Workshop Advanced BioExplorer Workshop (SKU: AG-W4-211)
Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by George Martin
Bioexplorer, Bioreview, Variability
George Martin Entropy, Information, and Flexibility Entropy, Information, and Flexibility (SKU: AG-P-166)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk by George Martin An overview of entropy from anesthesia research. Spectral entropy has been referred to as the log of available cortical microstates. The Presentation will review research on anesthesia and entropy, cortical microstates, and possible applications to neurofeedback training and review of sessions.
Consciousness, Entropy, Microstates
George Martin Neurofeedback with Adolescents in The System Neurofeedback with Adolescents in The System (SKU: AG-P-176)
Futurehealth Plenary Talk George Martin Recidivism rates for juvenile offenders in Minnesota have been between 61% and 75%. A pilot study was done at a Minnesota correctional institution. There those in the pilor study had a 45% recicivism rate. Factors that may have interfered with greater success for this group and other youngsters involved in the Criminal Justice and social services system will be examined with suggestions for more effective intervention with this group pf clients.
Corrections, Junveniles, Recidivism
Showing 1-3 of 3 items
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