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Advanced BioExplorer Workshop
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Futurehealth WinterBrain Workshop by George Martin
  • BioExplorer
  • tutorial
  • biofeedback software
  • neurofeedback software

This workshop is for clinicians with a basic working knowledge of BioExplorer. Topics covered will be
1)Using BioExplorer to train variability
2)Using the Button object to change training parameters and feedback options “on the fly”
3)Modifying and personalizing feedback (auditory and visual)
4)Creating dynamic binaural beats
5)BioReview reports for assessing variability and flexibility
6)Sequential QEEG and BioExplorer
7)Integrating Photic Stimulation with BioExplorer
8) Filter selection


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MP3 (4 hours)   $45.00
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