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The Way of Neurofeedback & The Science of Kriya Yoga
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Wuttke, Martin. Futurehealth Workshop by Martin Wuttke
Neurofeedback can be used as a tool to facilitate spiritual growth and the awakening process. In this sense it can be considered as a hi-tech Œway¹ or Œpath¹ to the ultimate aim of life. Kriya Yoga* is a practical system of philosophy and psycho-physiologic techniques intended to gradually remove all obstacles from the individual so that Self-realization can be attained. Through the understanding of the process of unfoldment of an individuals awareness, these two distinct but complimentary modalities can accelerate this process. Martin Wuttke has been a student, practitioner and teacher in the Kriya Yoga tradition for over twenty years. From 1986 through 1995 he designed and directed one of the largest clinical Neurofeedback programs for an inpatient psychiatric hospital treating adults and adolescents for addiction, depression, eating disorders, D.I.D., chronic pain and ADHD. In this presentation Mr. Wuttke will share the science of Self-realization based upon 20 years of experience with the application and integration of Neurofeedback with the methods of this ancient teaching. "I believe Marty is on the cutting edge of the movement to utilize technology to amplify Self-referral. . . he is ideally suited to maximize the benefits of biofeedback, while never forgetting that people are in essence spiritual beings." Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD * The Kriya Yoga techniques are systematically designed to calm and relax the body, withdraw the senses from their objects, redirect the normally outflowing life energes, attain one pointed concentration, and finally to experience the transcendental state. Many of the preliminary techniques are those that enabled the yogis to demonstrate supernormal control over their minds and bodies.


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