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Richard Soutar Waking Up The Automatic Self Waking Up The Automatic Self (SKU: AH-W2-301)
Futurehealth Workshop by Richard Soutar Our neurophysiological organization is such that we routinize our responses to all situations and once the routines are established to act reflexively or automatically to the fast majority of future situations unless they are novel. As a consequence we tend to become prisoners of our own habitual patterns. If those patterns are not well matched to our environment we may misinterpret what we perceive and respond inaccurately. The result can be unproductive conflict or neglect resulting in lack of access to social resources. This workshop focuses on methods of identifying key domains of routinization that pertain to social interaction that are counterproductive. Methods of transforming these patterns utilizing neurofeedback, self-awareness training, visualization and insight will be explored.
Automatic Self, Neuromeditation, Transformation And Transcendence
Showing 1-1 of 1 items
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