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Waking Up The Automatic Self
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Futurehealth Workshop by Richard Soutar Our neurophysiological organization is such that we routinize our responses to all situations and once the routines are established to act reflexively or automatically to the fast majority of future situations unless they are novel. As a consequence we tend to become prisoners of our own habitual patterns. If those patterns are not well matched to our environment we may misinterpret what we perceive and respond inaccurately. The result can be unproductive conflict or neglect resulting in lack of access to social resources. This workshop focuses on methods of identifying key domains of routinization that pertain to social interaction that are counterproductive. Methods of transforming these patterns utilizing neurofeedback, self-awareness training, visualization and insight will be explored.
This workshop will present a comprehensive psycho-social theory concerning human behavior that integrates a large number of major psychological and sociological theories. The main postulates underlying this theory revolve around the concepts of routinization of information in the CNS, the automatic nature of human behavior, the unanticipated social consequences of automatic behavior, the requirement of social accuracy for an organism to thrive, and the drive for maturation through social interaction that all humans share. The theory hypothesizes that we are automatic in our behavior and consequently are generally limited in growth options and development by past conditioning that directs that automatic behavior. Through self-awareness training we can become aware of our automatic responses and develop a conscious plan and method to alter it. If our alterations increase our social accuracy, then we can acquire the social resources we need to thrive. Once we thrive we begin to develop in social maturity through insights emerging from efficient interactions toward our perceived goals. This transformative process leads toward transcendence. Attendees will be provided with means to objectively measures dimensions of behavior and transform them through methods of self-awareness training (Neurofeedback), emotional intelligence training, visualization training, concentration training, and deep states training.


Author: Richard Soutar

A pioneer in the field of neurofeedback, Dr. Soutar has published three books on the topic of neurofeedback and conducted workshops on the various aspects of neurofeedback at conferences and clinics in the U.S and Europe. As a former professor of psychology and sociology, he has had extensive experience in teaching and training at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. He has also been working continuously over the years as a clinician, director and business administrator of various clinics around the country as well. He developed the first fully certified internet training course for neurofeedback. He has worked successfully with professional atheletes and businessmen on peak performance as well as a wide spectrum of individuals with the traditionally labeled psychological and medical disorders. He has also pioneered a wide range of clinical screening and assessment tools for neurofeedback including, the MiniQ, The MagnitudeAnalysis System, The Interactive Self Inventory, and The NPC Symptoms Checklist. He has also consulted with a variety of equipment manufacturers on the development of The MiniQ, Distance Training and Training Screen Formats as well as the protable mini neurofeedback trainer, the Bioscan ABT. Presently he is consulting on a variety of grants and research projects for the development of cybernetic interface for ALS patients, Spinal Chord Injury, PTSD programs for the U.S Military, and Industrial Design and Marketing.

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