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Rob Kall's Projects

Contact Rob Kall: 211 N. Sycamore, Newtown, PA 18940, 215-504-1700 fax 215-860-5374

Contact me if you are interested in joint venturing, participating in, contributing to or publishing one of these projects.

Positive Paradigms Meeting:   The below description was created in 1995. In 1997, I organized the first Optimal Functioning and POsitive Psychology Meeting that will go into it's 10th year in 2006.

Positivity & Peak Performance: Varieties of Positive Experience : Bringing out the Best in People Meeting aimed at exploring the dimensions of the varieties of positive experience and positive states-- positivity and peak performance-- of all the parameters, elements, factors, etc. which build more positive aspects in people, systems, organizations. While so many tens of thousands of meetings look at problems-- different illnesses, syndromes, diseaases, pathologies, negative behaviors, etc. This one will look at positives and all aspects of positivity and what helps people to reach their highest potential. Suggestions for speakers and topics are invited.

Opednews.com a progressive, tough liberal political news and opinion website, started just before the start of the Iraq quagmire. After the first 30 months, it had published over 2500 articles, as many as 200 a month. Between 120,000 and 250,000 people visit the site each month.

Story Consultant: for politics, personal marketing. If you want to sell yourself, the best way is to wrap yourself in stories-- stories either about you that define who you are, what you've done, what you stand for, what you've fought for and cared about,and stories about others that inspire you. Using interviews, I help people identify the most powerful, moving stories. That's step one. Throwing out the stories people think are good is step two. Everyone has some pet story that is awful for self promotion. Step three is taking the stories, distilling them down to their core, heart-touching elements, then strategizing how to use them in stump speeches, sales pitches, book pitche, etc. 



Positivity Training: Anatomy of positive experience and good feelings (book)
Ideabase: integrated creativity activator/ Quotation database
The Smile Book
Non medical biofeedback for Intelligence, peak performance, creativity, love, happiness, etc
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Applied Neurophysiology and Brain Biofeedback   co-editors:  Rob Kall, Joe Kamiya, Gary Schwartz

Rob Kall's Bio
Positivity Central Positive approaches to health, emotions, etc. The anatomy of Positive Experience, the Positive Paradigms Meeting, Smile relaxation exercises, the KPEI Kall Positive Experience Inventory.
Responsibility Central a project aimed at encouraging and supporting taking responsibility and developing self-reliance
Quotation Central hundreds of idea nuggets from famous people from my data-base of tens of thousands of quotations and hundreds of quotation, saying, proverb, epigram books, dating back to the 1760's. There is the potential for literally hundreds of books on special topics, plus some large books of collections.
Heaven & Back
A novel -- It's a cross between a Woody Allen and Indiana Jones story (biblical/archaeological adventure) about going to heaven and back,  blending Dante's Paradisio (and the multiple levels of heaven) and Milton's Paradise Lost, with good and bad angels, an alien cantina scene (ala star wars,) time travel, humor. One person's heaven is another's hell . Great plot twists and surprises, heart touching scenes, fast paced.

www.TalkingtoGod.com a website about my relationship with God, that emerged from my writing of the heaven and back novel, which is still not finished, 16 years after it was started.

Writing: Lately (this posting is August 14, 2005) I'm writing political stuff-- alot, over 150.  It's at writings of Rob Kall 

Positive Sciences and Compassion Incubator: like a high technology incubator, except to support development and commercialization of heart, spirit, compassion and other Positive Science, State and Action businesses. The nexve of corporate explosion will be wetware-- after technology we will develop the science of feeling, intuition, love, passion, and all the varieities of positive experience. It will take serious government and private investment to make this happen. But it will happen as sure as a human will walk on Mars and live on the moon. This science is also necessary, since, as the human population on this planet explodes, the need for better skills in these areas will be absolutely essential, just as the need for farming science has been necessary.