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Wireless EEG

One Channel Wireless EEG: $1989 (shipping in continental US $25)
PET EEG, Bioexplorer, active electrode 1 channel, supply of re-usable electrodes, bag of 50 active electrodes, armband.
Two Channel unipolar Wireless EEG:  $2089 (shipping in continental US $25)
Two Channel Bipolar Wireless EEG:  $2189 (shipping in continental US $25)
PET EEG, Bioexplorer, active electrode 2 channel, supply of re-usable electrodes, bag of 50 disposable active electrodes, armband.

add the hat for $30 (but the armband is a superior holder.)


To place your order call 215-504-1700 or email futurehealth (at) verizon.net

Technical specifications PETEEG

  • Analog inputs: 2 channels
  • Sampling frequency: 200, 400, 800, 1600 Hz
  • Sample method: All channels simultaneously
  • A/D resolution: 29 bits
  • Input range: 2.5 V
  • Resolution: 4.7 nV
  • Input impedance: > 2 TW
  • Bandwidth: Up to 800 Hz (dependent on sampling frequency)
  • CMRR: 120 dB
  • DC Amplifier
  • On-board memory
  • Tactile feedback vibrator
Spectrum Analyzer Display; Displays the spectrum of a signal.  Currently supports four different modes: spectrogram (shown below), bins, compressed spectral array, and 3D.

PETEEG Electroencephalogram wirelessly detects, displays and records Brain activity

Your brain activity (EEG) can be assessed by simply using a golf cap! All electronics are inside the cap, including the electronics, the active electrodes and the Bluetooth wireless transmitter. Due to our patented electronics EEG can be assessed in a user friendly way and issues like impedance problems belong to the past.

Measuring or feeding back EEG activity can be used for sleep research, relaxation exercises, Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback or peak performance training.

We supply high quality EEG hardware (low signal to noise ratios, high sampling rates: 200 Hz and higher), wireless capabilities and scalability. The scalability enables users to connect up to 8 devices to 1 single PC!

Use this package for biofeedback, brain monitoring in the laboratory, to study the effects of meditation, music, advertising, etc.


Real-time Data Display/feedback

Two Spectrum Analyzers configured as a bilateral spectrum display


BioExplorer is a software application that is often used for Neurofeedback training and psychophysiological research. There are many different designs possible to train different parts of the brain and different modalities (EEG, ECG, EMG).  For more information also see www.cyberevolution.com

Disposable electrodes

ARBO disposable electrodes

These high quality disposable electrodes are to be used to measure EEG, ECG and EMG. They are to be used once and are very handy because of integrated gel. They adhere very well to the skin and are clean to use.

The package price includes one bag with 50 electrodes: Additional electrodes are $24 a bag plus $7 shipping

To place your order call 215-504-1700 or email futurehealth (at) verizon.net